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To empower underprivileged women  through optimum preventive healthcare facilities , with motto of e

To empower underprivileged women  through optimum preventive healthcare facilities , with motto of empowerment through healthcare . To effectively and easily connect every person to the causes ( in accordance with UN Sustainable goals ) they wish to support in any and every form



To be established as a globally respected ngo for benefit of the needful women by making accessible , free ngo services for Better health and well- being of women and children now and for all generations thus raising each other for the true purpose of welfare of the society .


Why Preventive Healthcare is the need of the hour?


‘’The Birth of TUX has been out of passion, in 2018, and we have completed 1 year in April; we were a start-up so everything was a new experience. We began our program with Women and children health, the started with our oral cancer prevention and oral health program, it all happened organically. Cancer awareness and preventive treatment is our flagship program. We focus onn uplifting the underprivileged women and young girls to not only benefit them in the present but also future. We have collaborated with several grassroot organisations and provided women beneficiaries with our preventive awareness and treatment camps, and aim to reach 10,000 women in the coming few months .  We believe that no patient should be left without the hope of successful treatment.

You see there are many organisations, but only few who have the visison for a safer future and emphasis on preventive healthcare , especially for diseases such as cancer.India is likely to have over 17.3 lac new cases of cancer and over 8.8 lac deaths due to the disease by 2020 with cancers of breast, lung and cervix topping the list. Data has also revealedthatonly 12.5% of patients come for treatment inthe early stages of the disease.A report from Lancet Oncology India is likely to have over 17.3 lac new cases of cancer and over 8.8 lac deaths due to the disease by 2020 with cancers of breast, lung and cervix topping the list. Data has also revealed that only12.5% of patients come for treatment in the early stages of the disease.

All cancers together contributed 5·0% (95% UI 4·6–5·5) of the total DALYs and 8·3% (7·9–8·6) of the total deaths in India in 2016, an increase of 90·9% and 112·8% respectively from 1990. The crude cancer DALY rate in India increased by 25·3% (16·8–34·2) from 1990 to 2016, but the age-standardised cancer DALY rate did not change substantially during the same period.

Talking about our future plans, we have collaborated and proven ourselves to have support of several reputed organisations. One such organisation , M Power – by Mrs Neerja Birla and Ananya Birla , and our team Tux is soon to introduce a very new program close to my heart , for Empowerment through healthcare for girl child, where young girls will be given awareness and counselling sessions on bullying, eve – teasing , a still rampantly prevalent phenomenon in our country. Through this program we also provide mental health assistance and counselling to the young girls aged 11-16 years. 

Finally, I would want to thank , our entire TUX team , our passionate volunteers, without whose support and conviction in our belief, we would not have achieved what we have so far .

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The Unicorn Mist ( Tux Foundation Outreach Programs )

Cancer Screening & Prevention drive for women


TUX x Tata Memorial Hospital  camp (PREVENT CANCER DRIVE FOR WOMEN ) is a beneficial awareness camp for most common cancers especially among women , most fast occurring and fatal diseases of our times.

Preventive Oral care Drive for Women


TUX x Indian Dental Association (IDA) (PREVENTIVE ORALCARE SCREENING DRIVE FOR WOMEN ) is a beneficial Dental screening camp to detect oral disease at an early stage thus promoting early treatments and optimum life and oral care for young girls and women .

Mental Health and wellness Program for Women Program

TUX x Mpower minds  is a beneficial awareness camp for women to create awareness and prevent mental health implications through our workshops lectures and seminars  .

Preventive Health awareness Program

tux foundation ;Fund raising & events

Health- a-thon World


Health-a-thon World India’s first colloquial platform dedicated to advance healthcare by bringing finest healthcare practitioners, doctors and celebrities under one single roof.

Where well-known personalities 

in the field of Medicine and Surgery, Health Sciences, Nutrition, beauty and Lifestyle discuss, interact and learn about the latest and upcoming healthcare concepts, trends,

treatments and traditions. 

As we all know, ‘ Health is the true wealth’ and with growth in technologies through immense scientific research not everyone is aware of the availability of latest cutting edge technologies. Hence, 

Health-a-thon World was born. It is an awareness cum fundraising platform where majority of the funds collected with sponsorship will be dedicated to The Unicorn Xpress Foundation (TUx).

It is an initiative started by Dr. Karishma Vijan, a Celebrity Aesthetic Dentist, Researcher, Author and Philanthropist. She has been listed as one of the 100 Global Impact healthcare Leaders by Economic Times. 


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