Who We Are

The Unicorn Xpress Foundation (TUX) is a non-profit and trust that empowers women through healthcare. We provide Oral and Preventive Healthcare facilities, Cancer awareness, Breast cancer screenings, and set up diagnostic camps for underprivileged women.

The Birth of TUX has been out of passion as a trust foundation and it grew so quickly and organically in less than a year that it motivated us to work even harder towards our healthcare goals. We began our program with women and children's health, the started with our oral cancer prevention and oral health program, it all happened organically. Cancer awareness and preventive treatment is our flagship program. We focus on uplifting the underprivileged women and young girls to not only benefit them in the present but also future. We have collaborated with several grassroot organisations and provided women beneficiaries with our preventive awareness and treatment camps, and aim to reach 10,000 women in the coming few months. We believe that no patient should be left without the hope of successful treatment.

TUX plans to target over and above 10,000 women in the coming few months through our endeavors in Mumbai, Pune, Banglore and, Kutch

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Our Outreach Programs

Cancer Awareness, General & Cancer Medical screening for women

Tux X Tata Memorial camp (preventive cancer drive for women)is a beneficial awareness camp for most common cancers especially among women most fast occurring and fatal diseases of our times (Introducing telemedicine soon - complete health checkup).

Oral cancer and Oral disease screening for women

Tux X Indian Dental Association (IDA) (Preventive oral care screening drive for women) is a beneficial dental screening camp to detect oral disease at an early stage thus promoting early treatments and optimum life and oral care for young women and girls.

Mental health disease prevention for women

Tux X MPower Minds is a beneficial awareness camp for women to create awareness and prevent mental health implications through our workshops, lectures, and seminars.


British Dental Industry Association (BDIA)

WHW Congress ET Now 2019

Women Economic Forum 2019